I spoke with Janet regarding breastfeeding during my pregnancy. She was very kind, informative, and has lots of knowledge on the topic of lactation. I contacted her while she was out of town – I was looking for quick information on an issue I was having – and she got right back to me. I’ve only had one contact with her so far but I can already tell that she genuinely cares about us ladies and our babies by how quickly she got back to me and how she game me additional resource options for classes to attend.

Shelby Mass



Julie Fields

Janet has been such an important asset for my breastfeeding journey with my last two children. She is amazing…caring, sweet, and honest with a wealth of overall knowledge to keep me and baby in check so that we could optimize breastfeeding during struggles and get back on track after dealing with oral restrictions & releases. I highly recommend her services!



Cynthia B

I am so thankful for Jessica’s knowledge and understanding of the issues I encountered with breastfeeding. She knew exactly which plan of action we needed to follow in order to succeed and here we are; exclusively breastfeeding 6 months later! 




Shannon Ulrich

I can’t say enough about Janet. She is knowledgeable, compassionate,  uplifting, and goes out of her way to be supportive and a “team” member for families. It takes a village to raise a child, and she is a valuable asset to our village. The changes we have seen working with her have been remarkable.



Tara Harper

Janet really knows mothers & babies and how intricate the feeding bond can be. She really has a heart for this work and her professional and compassionate approach is so reassuring when you’re in the midst of trying to figure it all out.



Jessica has been amazing for my son and I. He was lip/tongue-tied and I had nerve damage from my other children. She was able to give me hope, encouragement, and strength to get through the tough situation we were going through. She listened to my concerns and addressed them fully. Jessica always made sure I was comfortable doing the exercises and stretches my baby needed. The one on one time she spent making sure not the only baby was okay but that I was okay physically and mentally showed how compassionate she has for her clients and career. Over the past 5 years and 3 children, Jessica has been a constant source of love, knowledge, and professionalism. She continues to raise the bar of support and awareness of nursing mothers to develop an amazing bond and insure the health benefits only a mother can provide.

Megan & Jeremy Kemp




Betsy Rodriguez

Thanks for supporting me pumping and feeding my baby. Since coming to see you my supply has doubled with the new pumping pal flanges, I no longer have pain with pumping, and I don’t dread when it’s the time!!



Tesley Rupp

Janet is nothing short of amazing! My breastfeeding journey started off rough with my 5th baby, but after seeing Janet, she was quickly able to address our issues and get a game plan together. She’s always making sure that not only is baby doing okay, but that mom is doing well, too. Her knowledge and experience is a vital asset to moms of SWKS